The Voice Of Reason

Any great idea or people are like a powerful wave in a mighty ocean. Christianity was a mighty wave in human history that had an impact for almost two thousand years. So were Buddhism and Islam. Science and the Renaissance followed and its impact has been no less significant. One might be fighting for black emancipation which is a mighty wave in itself, or one might be fighting for Islam and a right of place in this world. One might, on the other hand, be fighting for the preservation of Western civilization. All of these are strong waves in modern times an all-powerful ocean of time. How we control these turbulent waves of power is our responsibility. Each wave should be perfectly balanced in order of discipline and law. Civilization and peace beckons to all men if we get our priorities right. Get the balance right. The end doesn’t always justify the means. We are all just people. With great power comes great responsibility. 


Any great idea is a mustard seed. True faith is a mustard seed. It grows to be a gigantic tree and as the Kingdom of Heaven. All the great accomplishments of powerful and in ancient civizations too started as an idea, a mustard seed.



Great movements and ideas are powerful indeed, and often come from humble beginnings, as you say. All it takes is a spark to set flame to the fire. Thanks for commenting.


"The Voice of Reason" I like your title. How very appropriate and to ignore, look away or turn a deaf ear, is catastrophy, disaster and apocolypse.

"The answer is blowing in the wind."