Weskoppies Mental Hospital - The Truth

Weskoppies Mental Hospital is a state run asylum in South Africa. It was founded in colonial times more than a hundred years ago. For more than a century the horrors and human rights abuses in this institution has gone unchecked.

I was taken up in this place against my will twice; once in 1996, and also in 2008. (This was because of police torture and persecution by means of wireless electronics which drives you psychotic and delusional and which can also induce ‘voices’.) I was maimed by them, and tortured in Weskoppies Mental Hospital by them and their electronics, to the extreme, for several months. It seems like a kind of punitive psychiatry.

It also seems as if the ANC government uses the facility to incarcerate and persecute their opponents, the same way that the Apartheid government used to do. The general circumstances in this place are horrendous, and always have been. There is a lot of violence inside, and there are often suicides by inmates. I have been on psychiatric drugs for 18 years against my will, and have had no recourse to the law. This seems to be a common occurrence in South Africa. This treatment has been cruel, inhumane and degrading. My health and mental wellbeing has suffered immensely because of this. There have been countless victims of this system and facility over the decades.

This place is a virtual Gulag, not a hospital. All of the wards now resemble prison blocks, and inmates find themselves in horrific conditions daily. This is not medical treatment; it is hell on earth. Many voiceless victims have suffered at their hands, and the atrocities continue unabated. This insanity must be stopped and this asylum closed down.

For me, and many others like me, it has indeed been a long walk to freedom…


For almost twenty years I have been on psychiatric drugs because of wireless torture by the SAPS. It is an injection called Fluanxol which is a primitive psychiatric drug administered for schizophrenia. Each month I have to go for one of these. It has been cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment– and at times painful. It constitutes almost two decades of aggravated assault. One does not treat an animal like this, never mind a human being. The police have pitted immense sadistic pleasure from this, and they seem to be murdering me by degrees.


Mental Health Watchdog: http://www.cchr.org/