The Wheel and the Elephant

One gets all kinds of people with many different convictions in life. Here are my thoughts on the topic:

The religious argument: Religion is a way of thought. It is a manner of viewing existence; ‘I think, therefore I am.’ It is also a method of discerning right from wrong. As a way of thought it is in principle correct.

The Atheist argument: This argument is scientifically correct based on the theory of evolution, and the fact of the mortality of man. In my opinion it is however a rather dull and unimaginative approach, and possibly an incomplete explanation.

Then one gets other views such as agnostics, nihilists and many others. I believe in the old teachings regarding this matter, such as the three blind men and the elephant. Three blind men are touching various parts of an elephant and speculating as to what it could be. The one holding its tail says it’s a snake. The one touching its body says it’s a wall. The last, feeling its leg, says it is a tree trunk. They all see only part of the picture, and not the whole. Religion is also said to be like the spokes of a wheel. Each viewpoint representing a separate spoke, which leads to the hub; God. As such all religions and convictions lead to the truth.

In other words none of mankind’s many convictions and beliefs are right or wrong. It is merely different approaches and viewpoints regarding the same topic and each one is correct in its own sense. They are all on the right track in the end…


Some people classify themselves as Muslim, Christian or Atheist - I classify myself as a human being. We all love the same, we all share the same dreams, hopes and fears. We are all one human family...