When Things Fall Apart

For the last ten years I have been tortured non-stop by the SAPS and ANC Government with wireless electronics. They claim that it has to do with crime but mix it with their own personal viewpoints such as religion and politics. I tried to defend myself with both the law and science but they persist with their ‘case’ wich is nothing but a torture and hit squad claiming that my science and law is heresy and that my own religious beliefs on the other hand is nothing but witchcraft. I have never seen a court or a lawyer in 22 years of this treatment and was branded insane, maimed and tortured and close to death. They have access to a Medical Degree in the State Pathologist, a Science Degree in the Forensic Department and legal advice from the State Prosecutor bearing in mind that this is the Police and the Government. They seem hell bent on destroying both the Law and the Constitution running their own little show which they claim to be the law. I am unable to defend either on my own and no help was ever forthcoming. It seems like sort of Hollywood sideshow and has nothing to do with the Law and individual’s rights in this regard. This cancer eminates from the USA and Uncle Sam and has spread all over the western hemisphere and civilization. It is an idiocracy in the making and reminds one of the good old Nazi rule of old. They have no regard for the law or private property but seem to act as God on earth. The result of all this will be the end of our way of life forever and what they are proposing to replace it with God only knows. In the end their end shall be according to their ways. What comes to one must come to us all.    

(I cannot defend myself against their claims of heresy and witchcraft and by the same token I cannot defend myself against their stance of mass murder and genocide against the minorities and the democratic opposition. This is tantamount to Jungle Justice and nothing but a Kangaroo Court in itself.)