The World Cup

The World Cup is just around the corner and it promises to be another spectacular of the most beautiful game in the world. The favourites from all corners of the globe will be there like Brazil and Argentina with their South-American flair who has both won the trophy many times before and who might very well do so again. Then there are strong sides from Europe like Spain, Italy and Germany. The German team plays with military precision in their passes as well as their goal scoring and is always a force to be reckoned with. They play as a team with one goal in sight; winning the cup. Africa also features some impressive teams such as Nigeria and Cameroon who has reached the semi-finals before and who might well go all the way this time around. Or it might be one of the dark horses in the tournament such as England, the Netherlands or Portugal who walk away with the crown. Teams like these are always in with a chance and it could all be in the roll of the dice. It seems that from the outset it is all the hands of the gods. The field is wide open and not until the final whistle blows will we know who will be the victor this time around. However the team that lifts the trophy high above their heads on the last day will always claim that they were the masters of their own destiny. They were the greatest and the world champions from the start. We are in for a feast of football and a spectacular display of ball skills, discipline and teamwork. The ball being round can bounce any way but the final whistle will determine the result beyond a doubt. Let the games begin and may the best team walk away with the glory and the cup. Winning is in the blood.


I've put a silly tenner on England at 16/1 to win the world cup. Couldn't help myself.


Good luck old chap. England has to win the cup sooner or later!