Writing and Art

I am a creative writer of sorts. Writing is an art, and art is for artists, I guess. It is there for the free-spirited individual to partake in and enjoy. It is an expression of liberty in its ultimate form. This inalienable right is enshrined in the Constitution and finds its fulfilment in the democratic West.

However, you are dealing with people and the human factor. Disagreements will always arise leading to petty fights and squabbles, especially on the internet. It is the old joke of ‘Honey I can’t come now, somebody is wrong on the internet’. I find that closing my stories for comments is the best solution. There is no comment section in a book or a newspaper article.

Our liberties in this regard should never be tampered with or constricted. Racial, genocidal and criminal statements might be the exception to this rule, but that is up to the Court and legal process to decide. I think it was Oscar Wilde who said that there is no wrong and right in writing and art; you merely get good art and poor art. The quality is what matters and not necessarily the message.

When all else fails the artist and writer will still be fighting the good fight for us all. A truly free spirit and mind can never be silenced and oppressed. A river finds its own way to the sea, and in truth, there is nothing that can stop it – is there?