To the one in the mirror

I realized that we are the habits we give ourselves. We lose ourselves into routines. It’s who we are as human beings. Even those with crazy, ever changing schedules are plenty predictable. I’m not writing this to argue about who is more “routine” than others. I’m simply making the observation that we are the habits that we force, or that are forced, upon us.

I’m writing this to reconcile myself with the idea that I can’t be a successful person because I don’t have networking skills. Or that I can’t approach a beautiful girl because that’s just not who I am. But the raw truth is that I’m absolutely correct as long as I repeatedly tell myself that. There is the cliché saying that we can be whoever we want to be. But I don’t think I can be a Michael Phelps or Jordan, I do think that I can condition myself to be a lot better than I am now at swimming or basketball.

It’s pretty simple actually, if you wake up every morning and go jogging. You’re a jogger. It’s not the fact that you’re jogging that makes you one. It’s the habit of doing it. And so to myself, networking isn’t a skill that only exist in the business world, there is an opportunity for it every day. An every single day is an opportunity to be that much closer to who you want to be if you are actively conscious about it. We went to school so that we can change and become closer to what the school board describes as potentially successful. It’s the same principle at work only we are not training to become doctors; the goal of controlling your habits is to learn to be a better you. We have this arrogant mentality that we are adults, that we are mature. But unless you are truly happy with who you are, I invite you to be a student with the endgame of becoming who you really aspire to be.

So to recap, if you constantly wake up early and go about your day, even despite yourself, you’re an early bird. If you are constantly helping others, you are caring. If you’re constantly eating peanut butter sandwiches, you’re an addict –guilty!- If you’re constantly angry, lighten up. If you’re constantly heartbroken, than you bleed love. And you could be this person for a while if you want to, but if you want to be someone else, a better you, you can pick up a habit. It’s absolutely free, it only requires commitment. Once you can call it that it’s becomes you. It’s as easy as walking, breathing, talking

I’m not writing this because I know better. I don’t. I’m writing this to repeat it to myself, to drill it a bit further in me that I can be who I want to be, a chosen habit at a time.