To All the Boys I've Loved Before (review)

Dear Lara Jean

With Valentine’s day around the corner, I got this email titled ‘8 Can’t Miss YA Romances for Valentine’s Day,’ and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han caught my attention. Obviously, you’ve heard of it, you are in it, you are the protagonist. And I’ll admit, it was delightful!

Face it, if you hadn’t made fun of Kitty for liking Josh in front of Josh— unbeknownst to him—she wouldn’t have retaliated by sending those five letters about the boys you loved, to the boys you loved! And frankly, you wouldn’t have been interesting. I mean that in the warmest way.

Now, about Josh, he’s wrong for you. First, he was Margot’s boyfriend. Remember Margot? Your sister! And even if you liked him first, he chose to be with Margot, not you. And even if Margot broke things off  before leaving to Scotland, he chose your sister, not you! And maybe— maybe— if it was never serious between them, I’d give you a pass. But it seems like they were serious. For peaches sake, he was all her firsts (from what I gather). Secondly, have you ever wondered if you liked Josh because he was the boy that was always around? Lara Jean, he was always around! Also , why suddenly Margot's he has this epiphany that all this while he was with the wrong sister?  And all because of your letter (of course he'd say it isn't so). But come on!  He’d just been dumped. He’d had a lot of alone, lonely — thinking time. And even if his feelings for you are real, then they can wait, can’t they? They should wait. At least until… he dated your sister?!

So, about Peter, he’s right for you, right now. You pretended to date him to make Josh jealous and he pretended to date you to make Genevieve (his ex) jealous which was a fair contract. I predicted you’d end up falling for each other (it's a given in all romance dramas). And I bet on Peter falling first, I think I won.  And thankfully, unlike Josh, Peter wasn’t ‘enlightened’ by your letter. Yes, he admitted he liked you at some point but made light of it for the most part. And maybe romance is easier for Peter who took himself as some Adonis, to make light of your confession by treating you like another Amber or Tiffany who crushes on him, hence the ‘fake’ girlfriend- boyfriend arrangement, but the dynamic between you two was thrilling to read. You challenged him, pushed him out of his comfort zones, stripped down the Adonis and found his heart, and he did the same (with you). And soon, you two were  enjoying each other, blurring the lines between what was real and fake, only to realise in the end it remained real. 

As for the rest of the boys you loved, Lucas told you he was gay, John never mentioned anything about anything, and one letter was returned. How refreshing was that? Think about it, you were already dealing with Josh and
Peter drama, anymore boys in your basket would’ve sunk your ship. By the way, you should’ve told Margot about Josh kissing you the second she got back, even if they did break up. Because finding out through a yelling match between Peter and Josh, which John Moss (EPL referee) would've bottled, was not only embarrassing for Margot but established her as the fool in the market. However, I’m glad you worked things out eventually because Josh’s come in seasons, and blood is forever. 

So, this is just the beginning of the trilogy and right now you and Peter are over, but I really hope you two work something out. You don’t necessarily have to be lovers per se, I’m okay with that. I simply hope he’s still in the picture. And as for  Josh, if anything’s meant to be, it will.