Chat Love by Justine Feath (review)

Lucia Pia is in her late twenties with a great job in television, great friends like Wayne, Ian,Corey, Danni and Autumn but has a stale love life and no children. See, the not married and no children part shouldn't be a problem for someone who's TWENTY SEVEN, but Lucia's Italian family beg to differ. They nag her for being single and keep wishing she would just find a man to settle down with and start a family. Lucia's always on the defence around them because like me, she doesn't think it's that big of a deal: "Why can’t you just be proud of me for the things that I’ve accomplished? I graduated from college with a high GPA, and I’m successful in my career. I live a comfortable life, and I do it all by myself. Isn’t that something to be proud of?”' In 2018, IT IS. But even though Lucia believes her life style is enough, part of her still wants the kind of love that's more than just a string of casual dates and meaningless hook ups. Eventually, she wants to find someone she's locking lips with in a wedding album or can have baby fever with, and who's on the same page in love as her. Her past relationships have fallen short of that, just ask Kellan, the investment banker!

After a blind date with Richard Greenfield aka boy who picks his nose and eats it, Lucia decides to give online dating a chance and considers joining Chat Love, an online dating site. Gabby, Lucia's sister, thinks it's a bad idea and that online dating is for ugly people. Autumn, who's a Chat Love customer, thinks Lucia signing up would be a great way for her to build a profile which states exactly what she's looking for -- a relationship-- Lucia does just that. She starts dating guys the Crime and Investigation channel warn you about, guys you can only see someone else marrying and guys who remind of her an ex. Whilst juggling these dates Lucia begins to fancy Jackson, a British producer at her work place with an A hole personality, her words. The plot delves into familiar romance territory here: girl likes boy she loves to hate, boy likes girl he loves to tease, they pretend it's nothing until someone falls (in love) first. In this case they both do. You might be wondering what's happened to Chat Love then? Well, sometimes the familiar can be very entertaining and this novel does just that, entertains! Chat Love, the phrase and the site (when you read it you'll know what I mean) is what brings Jackson and Lucia closer in the end. 

P.S: I thought a Lucia, Wayne, romance was worth exploring but I get why it didn't happen. (Another thing you'll understand when you pick up this book :))