It's too late I'm dead

You'll never guess who killed me.


My name is Merritt Monaco, your corpse, and a woman of morals and vice— human (once). Maybe I deserved my ending. Maybe they, the stars of this story, deserved theirs too.


Celeste, my best friend, was supposed to wed Benji Winbury, a man of style, wealth and "dignity" just like his father... Tag. Unfortunately I died the night before—


Question, if your best friend slash maid of honour died the night before your wedding day would you still walk down the aisle?


Spoiler! Celeste didn’t, but it had nothing to do with me. Like me she had secrets, not necessarily the kind that could get you killed but the kind no man would want to marry. Not even Benji. Hindsight my death probably solved a lot of problems, not just for them, but others.


Suspects: families and friends of the bride and groom.

Motive: Applied to some. “So many crimes, and especially murders, are committed by people with dark motivations”

Opportunity: Applies to all.

Most likely to get away with murder: Greer Winbury, mother, wife and novelist. ‘Novelists are notorious liars…"They lie for a living. They make up stories. So it stands to reason that this
tendency runs over into their personal lives.”’