Never Stop Loving Y.A

I've done three things so far, fallen in love with a Diabolic, hung out with a bunch of superheroes and got accepted to an academy where students end up dead or missing. And all thanks to...


The Diabolic by S.J Kincaid

Renegades by Marissa Meyer (and)

Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson


I'll talk about one. It was hard to choose and so I based my choice on this quote: 'I'm one of those people who has the person she marries, the one she loves, and the person she could've married, the one she never stops loving.' I'll tell you about the book I'll never stop loving, in fact I'll be her... if any of this still makes sense.


The Diabolic by S.J Kincaid.


"...They look like us, but they aren't really human beings like you and me. They're predators. They can't feel empathy or kindness. They simply don't have the capacity for it. That's why when they're old enough, we (humans) have to civilise them..."  ~ What to know about us, the Diablolics.


My name is Nemesis, your protagonist in this story. I was merciless once, just merciless, that's how many would've described me in the beginning...


"Diablolic's weren't people. We looked like people. We had the DNA of people, but we were something else: creatures fashioned to be utterly ruthless and totally loyal to a single individual. We would gladly kill for that person, and only for them. That's why the elite imperial families eagerly snatched us up to serve as lifelong body guards for themselves and their children, and to be the bane of their enemies."


There's more to that story, more about Diabolics gone rogue, us being banned, we're also 'utterly without self interest where a master is concerned.'  Ask around. Hell, read about me! This is my story. My master Sidonia Imperyean was summoned to the Chyransethum to become the Emperor's hostage because of her father's 'idiocy' (the Matriarch, her mother's words). I couldn't let that happen, we're talking about Sidonia possibly dying, leaving me without a cause, without anybody to serve, and so I did what I was created for. To be a lifelong bodyguard... I took her place. Going forward I had two goals, 'fool people into thinking I was Sidonia, and of course, try not to die.'


I'll tell you now, it's not easy being human or at least pretending to be. You feel too much, over think, you have a heart, you're supposed to care... Anything short of that then you're a monster, a barbarian, and if designed like me some might say a Diabolic. 


Question though, which is truly easier?  Being bonded to one person and knowing your purpose in this existence or grappling with questions like where do I go from here, what am I to do next? Terrified your own decisions will shape your destiny.


I ask because  in the end I might not just be merciless after all. Perhaps, I might be merciless... with smudged mascara.




Nemesis, your protagonist.