A Night With Nancy Drew

It’s a Sunday evening, I sat through the last Sunday football match: Chelsea vs Liverpool, I’m a Chelsea fan, don’t ask me about the final score, google it, and my night with Nancy Drew was my treat to forget. That, and popcorn, chocolate flavoured popcorn.

My inspiration: recreating the scene in the President’s Daughter when Katie Holmes character goes on a movie date and mixes my two-favourite junk— excuse me— empty calories together: chocolate and popcorn. I told myself: “I have to try it. I must. It’s necessary!”

So I looked it up, many  ‘recipes’ exist about the combination, so it came down to what worked well for me. I mean some involved butter, others simply breaking or shaving the chocolate and mixing it into a bowl and mine, well my recipe of choice, was melting the chocolate, spreading it all over and placing it in the oven for the coating to dry.



Popcorn seeds

Oil (for frying)

80g of chocolate (minimum, you can indulge if you want)


  1. Pour the seeds in a pot and drizzle enough oil on top by measuring it against the amount of seeds you have. You want to ensure the all the seeds get popped and they don’t burn so easily.
  2. Place the pot over a high-temp stove plate. (Make sure you’re around once the popping starts because again, who wants burnt popcorn.)
  3. In the meantime, put your chocolate in bowl and melt it in the microwave. I repeat, don’t burn anything, especially chocolate!
  4. Once your seeds have all popped and your chocolate has melted, transfer the popcorn into a different bowl and drizzle the melted chocolate over it, using a spoon or fork to mix it. You could serve the popcorn as it is but if you’d rather it be less sticky…
  5. Pour the mixture over a prepared baking tray and place it in the oven at a high temperature, 200⁰c, for about 5 to 10 minutes, or at least until the coating is dry (not burnt) and to your satisfaction.


Now where does Nancy Drew fit into all of this? Well, I was looking for an easy read. One that delivered comfort, reignited my nostalgia for wanting to be a teen detective when I was younger or being cast in the role as the famous strawberry blond haired girl, if it ever came to the big screen (and it did, I’m fond of the Emma Roberts version,  still on the fence about ‘The Hidden Staircase’ that hit earlier this year and I’m looking forward to the CW iteration this October) and it guaranteed elation. Remember, Chelsea lost.

And it was Nancy Drew for the win, the case files edition, by the way I also found out about new case file releases hitting stores this month—


Anyway, I went with no. 48 in the series: A Date With Deception, paired it with my chocolate flavoured popcorn and called it a night to remember :)