We Told Six Lies

Ever heard the song Held by Natalie Grant? My mind had it on replay as I went through We Told Six Lies by Victoria Scott. By the way, if you call the twist before the end then you're a better CSI agent than I was, and I was pleasantly surprised. The story is told from two point of views, Molly, the missing protagonist, and Cobain, the boyfriend suspected of kidnapping her. They're both compelling character's, Cobain more so than Molly (in my opinion) for his astute voice, he's an enigma himself and his poignant unravelling of Molly. Simple phrases like 'Please don't leave me," "He let me go","Don't ever let me go," simple phrases, in context, really cut deep. And in honour of Victoria Scott's (the author) style I put together a few haunting quotes from the novel:

“I was chasing a toxic addiction. A mindless tornado. A possible sociopath. I should stop, I knew. Let you run until you leaped off a cliff and your broken body lay at the bottom. But I knew I’d never stop. And if that cliff came into view and I saw you fly through the air like a gazelle, I’d leap right over the edge with you.
“Molly!” I roared.
Do you remember me roaring your name?
I remember, Molly.”

“You want to know the fastest way to make a friend?” you asked.
I searched your face for the answer.
“Make an enemy.”
My brow furrowed in confusion.
You leaned in closer, your breasts brushing my chest. “No one feels more vulnerable, or more upset, than when they’re a target. So target someone.”
“I don’t get it,” I said. “How will targeting someone make them a friend?”
“You don’t target the person you want to befriend, my wolf. You target the enemy of the person you want to befriend.”

“You could sniff out the darkness, find people’s weaknesses. You didn’t use that knowledge against them, exactly, but you would use it to get what you needed. It sounds the same, but it’s not.”

“She fought the reaction, but only because she remembered what her father said—
No one sympathizes with crying. Not really. What they sympathize with is someone trying not to cry. A mother crying over her sick child isn’t nearly as riveting as a father standing at a podium, asking for someone to find his baby girl, with tears in his eyes that he’s fighting to hold back. That’s what’ll be repeated on newsreels. You understand the difference, Mockingbird?”

“People are desperate to speak of themselves, Molly. And there’s no way to get someone to open up faster than to present an opinion on something they feel passionately about. Then—and here’s the real lesson, baby girl—then you must pretend to come to their side. When they feel they’ve won you over, two things happen: they like you better than they did before, and they feel guilty for convincing you. That’s when you can ask for what it is you really want.”

“Daddy always said everyone begins the race at the starting line. And when the gun fires, some people run, and some find excuses for why they can’t keep up even though they’ve got two good legs.”
~ We Told Six Lies by Victoria Scott