can't kill the engineer

There's been a delay in the publishing process. I thought the book was finished. I thought I'd stop osting on abc tales for awhile and concentrated on promoting and marketin Fullfilled. The problem is, I can't stop writing. It's a habit. The Inspiration Point section of ABC has in fact inspired further engineering which now must be taken into consideration in regards to the editing, sturcturing and sequencing of the finished product. Surprisingly, some of the new stories fit right into the puzzle of Fullfilled and may replace other stories that thought that they had made it. Or do I just prefer thses new stories because they're new/ If I'm continually improving as a writer shouldn't the new take a prefernce to the older. If I hadn't written about the Constitution would I have freturned to the Exorcist. Good creative questions.

When I decidde to cut something, I try to comfort the story by assuring it that it will find a place in my next book, where it will be a better fit. The stories tend to accept that and leave peacefully. One of the strengths of my style is that the stories are pretty short and can be enjoyed one at a time or as part of a sequence. I enjoy the reality that nce I m surprise by each story, I want my readers also to be surprised and like me figure out what does that story have to do with all the others and what the heck is next. As always thanks goes out to ABC tales kespecially from the engineers who continue to tinker.


keep tinkering. that's what writing is. 


tinkering, polishing, sequencing, cutting and then we call it finished which it never is