French in the Background

A week or so ago I decided to exercise my lack in knowledge of the French language. I wasn't sure I was going to do it until I noticed the instrumental L'Amour Est Bleu was palying on our system and the title appeared.

So i began merging my "french" with a fake Tale of Two Cities back story. I used most of the French vocab that I possessed, with a big thanks to Paul McCartney.

Then I started to recall what went wrong in my education de Francais and I began to remember the drama and shenanigans that composed my high school years, particularly the poor instruction that I received in French class. 

A couple days later, a news story erupted. My high school had been a haven for pedophiles and the haven was covered up by the Bishop. New details were being uncovered daily and much more is forthcoming. Suddenly, i began to look more closely at the cat rodeo that I called a prestige, private, preparatory education...particularly in and around the sudden disappearance of my French teacher and the last glimpse that I had of him as he sat forlornly in the classroom after what proved to be his last class at our school.

I believe I have come to grasp the situation more objectively and with a different focus fifty years later. 

I would urge you to go back and read "French to Me" as I intend to expand the story and don't want to leave readers far behind.

Au revoir for now.