Full Filled: Ethereal Serial by Ice Rivers

My latest book, Full Filled: Etheral Serial is "finished" and available on Amazon

TodayI'm doing my best at marketing which isn't very good. This is one of the big stops on my tour. To let y'all know that the book is available and to hope that ypu'll give it a look. I don't have a whole marketing team behind me, nor an editing or proofreading team. I like many independent writers am out here all alone. But not really. I have had hundreds of thousands of reads on ABC tales. Let's face it, I'm no stranger here. If I could activate the power of my blog readers, that's y'all, I could reach my goal of earning enough money to provide an open bar for Mary at her October 2024 wedding. All proceeds from the book will be earmarked for that purpose and if we have any left over, that will go towards her honeymoon. Mary has been my partner through all of this. She's a designer by trade and has been learning how to format. We're getting better at it but we're still a garage band. It's Christmas time and Full Filled: Etheral Serial by Ice Rivers. will make a nice gift for any of your reader friends. So if you buy the book not only are you supporting independent writers and self publishing but you're also buying a drink or two or three for someone at a wedding ten months from now.



put a link in your post. I'd love to buy a copy. 


Prolly not. So near and yet so far.


Congratulations Ice - hope you reach your goal! If you want me to put something on the front page, as always, please email claudine@abctales.com with a jpeg of the cover art, plus a uk link to buy


as you can imagine, I'm still way behind the curve on how to produce a uk link but as soon as I figure it out, I'll do just that. The book is on Amazon and is entitled Full Filled by Ice Rivers. If we figure this out, Celticman says he'll purchase it which makes me exceedingly happy.


I've bought a copy (delivered by Prime). It's usual to sell Kindle editions cheaper. Books that sell at a tenner (£9.99) paperback ae usually discounted to £0.99. Makes no difference to me. But something you might like to think about. 


Thank you so much, my friend. You've been with me all the way. I'm proud to have gained a place on your bookshelf and excited to have activated this wonderful network. When I have my first drink at the wedding, I'll salute you.

As far as the discount goes does that mean the book only cost .99 cents.  And did the link work?


the link to Goodreads worked, but you'd need add an Amazon link. 


yes, the book would sell for 99 cents on Kindle. The thinking behind this is to do with price elasticity, but mainly it's about trying to see more and getting Amazon's algorithm moving in the right direction, which is much the same thing. 


For that price everybody should get a copy and my profits would enable me to get a keg of beer and some chips, which isn't necessarilly a  bad thing. If that's the case, I'll raise the first beer to you. Ifg I could get those books for 99 cents over here, I could sell them for $20 and make enough to pay for the entire weding. What should I set the price at for to correct that imbalance.


Well, you look at books exactly the same as yours, but obviously not yours. Then you follow their pricing structure. In the widget market those outside those parameters get punished with no sales. Perfect price elasticity. 


This is insane.