Here we go

One of my stories has been chosen as the story of the week which always makes me proud, confident and humble all at the same time. Funny how the gears tend to clck as this week my book entitled Full Filler by Ice Rivers went into print. ISBN-13: 979-8601361705. The print copy is an upgrade over the ebook as the print copy includes a few photos and a bonus story. Delivery is becoming a problem apparently because of the pandemic. I'm trying to be patient as I haven't even recieved my copy yet so I've been reading the ebook a couple more times just to make sure that it represents and it does so here we go. I know I can count on ABC for support.


the world is on hold. 


Delighted to hear this Ice!  Found it on Amazon and hoping I can get a copy soon.

I'm counting on my friends from "across the pond"