Make a Christmas Wish

Double yolk eggs are single eggs that happen to have two yolks in them. They happen when a hen releases one yolk too soon after a prior one, and both become encased in the same egg.

The odds of cracking open a double egg yolk are a thousand to one.

Bet one dollar win a thousand.

Today, our daughter Mary came to visit. I've been counting the days to her visit for at least two months.

We have been living in North Carolina for the last six months. We came down here for the weather. Yesterday, North Carolina had its biggest snow storm in fifty years. We had as much snow yesterday as North Carolina usually has for an entire year.

So, when Mary arrived safely in the morning we were overjoyed and relieved. She arrived at breakfast time. Lynn made bacon and eggs for the three of us. As usual, the chicken was involved but the pig was committed.

Today's chicken was perhaps overly involved.

Lynn cracked open the first egg and sure enough it was a double yolker. She called us over and drew our attention to the egg. She cracked open a second egg...lo and behold....another double yolker.

She called us over again to see the second egg

We decided to stay and watch while she cracked open the third egg.

Bam...another double.

I brought over my camera. I snapped the picture. Three double yolkers in the frying pan.

She cracked open three more to complete the egg part of the breakfast.

All three were double yokers.

Six in a row. 

I've heard it said that the reason we call eggs eggs is because of the sound that the hen makes when she lays an egg.

The hen says "egg".

Perhaps this hen had said "egg, egg" when no one was listening. The eggs passed the candle test and were packed into a carton that we bought at Food Lion. A carton just like dozens of other egg cartons on sale yesterday, in the midle of the Southern "blizzard" that up North we would have called a dusting.

We opened a bottle of champagne and enjoyed the breakfast and most of all, the company of Mary. I'm more of a walrus than an eggman so I had no idea about the frequency of double yolkers. I was amazed when Lynn said that all of the hundred if not thousands of eggs that she had cracked open in her life, she had NEVER before seen a double yolk egg.

As a gambler, I started doing gambling math in my mind and came to the conclusion that if the eggs were $10 scratchoffs, then baby I'm a rich man.

Unfortunately, they were just eggs so the yoke was on me.

Many people consider a double egg to be an omen of good luck. I'll go and do some gambling tomorrow and check that out but I'm not expecting much.

Good luck might include events that are about to happen.

Today, I consider the possibilty that good luck includes things that didn't happen.

No black swans today.

Mary's here.

Neither the plane nor the Uber crashed.

We aren't spending the morning in mourning, cursing our bad luck.

Maybe good luck is something we can share.

Look at the picture of the three eggs in the frying pan. I hope the picture brings you luck. What were the odds of you waking up this morning to see a picture of three double yolk eggs in a frying pan AND to read a story about those eggs.

Two days ago, the odds that I would be typing a story about double egg yolks in a frying pan were even morer astronomical than the odds of six double egg yolks in a carton.

So today, on these eggs, we have arrived at a perfect situation to make a Christmas wish.

I'll start.

I wish that all of you would make a wish while looking att the image of the eggs in the frying pan.

Okay, your turn. Make a wish.

I wish that all of you will have good luck with your wishes.

Not only for what good might happen but also for what black swan doesn't happen.

We still have six more eggs in the carton.

Will anymore of them be doubles?

I'm gonna go with "hell yeah".

And wish y'all a Merry Christmas.


the yoke is on you. enjoyed chewing over the odds. 


To the best of my memory I've only once cracked open a double egg yolk in my life, so I'm well impressed with your eggs. 

Wishing you a great Christmas with not to many bad cracker yolks! Smile. smiley