Merry Christmas to y'all

And thank you Claudine for the spotlight on the main page. Just one correction, I didn't write the promotional blurb. Those kind words were written by Bob Jameson of WBOB. Check out WBOB. Bob has been posting informative articles about popular music for the last ten years.  It's always a trat to visit WBOB on Facebook. Give it a shot.

ABC tales has been instrumental to the development of my "career" as writer. I'm proud to be listed among the talented writers of ABC tales. I've had tremendous support here and I would particularly like to thank Jennifer and Celticman for their insight and encouragement. As I mentioned in a previous post, all of the proceeds from these books are going to my daughter's wedding in October. She is my partner in publication and her design work is essential in all three books of the "trilogy". We are completely thrilled whenever we see a sale coming from across the pond. 

These books are a series of essays, recaps, reviews, anecdotes, rants that interconnect and tell a story above and beyond each and every piece. Most of the store is began on ABC tales and many were inspired by the weekly inspiration point. 

When I started on ABC tales, I didn't think any of this would be possible. I was engaged in a battle with prostate cancer and had no idea how long I was gonna be around. Thank God, I'm still here writing more than ever. Can't help but think that the support and caring from ABC tales has been instrumental to my very survival.

As far as self-publishing goes, Mary and I had no idea whar we were doing when we started. With each publication we have improved in our process and continued to update each book as we have proceeded and learned the importance of tinkering. Self publishing is a boon to all writers and I encourage y'all to give it a try. It's really a matter of art rather than profit. One of my buddies has recently self punlished his first book. Prior to that he had been part of a major publishing company with the editors and marketers and proofrraders and the whole shebang. I didn't hurt that his sister was an executive in that company. His books sold in the thousands. His self-published book sold about one copies and he is just as proud of that book as he is of the others that made money.

We self-published writers aim at our specific communities. ABC tales is one of my most cherished communities. As I said earlier, my goal is to contribute to the open bar at Mary's wedding so if/when you buy any of the are contributing to the joy of what will be one of the happiest days of my life. I'll be nearing 78 years young when I take Mary down the aisle. Not the youngest father of the bride for sure but among the most appreciative.

So again Merry Cgristmas to y'all. Thank you for the support. Good luck in your writing, your reading and your living. At this stage of my life, reading and writing and my family are the major components of my life. ABC tales is a part of all three. 

Celtic, since you were and will always be the first; you can be sure that we will raise a specific toast to you on that October afternoon.


It's always good to be above ground  and to enjoy a wedding. Good luck with your book and the wedding.