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Yeah, since one of the main purposes of writing is to be read, Im gonna keep sharing the growth and development of Riversend on my blog but will always (or as long as I rememebr) use italics on the blog.


What's up, y'all

It's Day three and time for another Riversend rivulet.

At Riversend we openly embrace the concept of happiness above and beyond the image of pursuit which suggests that happiness is always a step or two out of reach. Happiness is a matter of seratonin. Don't let somebody else's low level of seratonin kill your buzz or distort your vibe check. Yeah happiness is internal which we seek to satisfy externally. We propose this remedy.....schedule something that you can't wait to do for the next day. Leap out of bed, KNOWING that you're going to do that thing, however simple or complex that thing is and when you do it recognize the seratonin rush that comes with it and celebrate that moment, savor it, tuck it away and don't be afraid to declare "I'm happy".

If we're gonna get a tax break, we gonna need a prayer or two or three which we'll make up as we go along.

Here's the first one.

Grant me the wisdom to understand that happiness lies within my grasp, not as a distant pursuit, but as a present reality. Help me to see that happiness is not solely a product of external circumstances but is also influenced by the serotonin within me.

Shield me from the negativity of others, preserving my inner peace and protecting the purity of my joy. May their low levels of serotonin not dim the brightness of my spirit or distort the clarity of my perception.

Guide me to embrace a remedy for happiness, one where I eagerly anticipate each new day with something to look forward to. Let me leap out of bed with excitement, knowing that within the day lies an activity, simple or complex, that will bring me joy. And in experiencing it, may I recognize the rush of serotonin, celebrating that moment, cherishing it, and storing it away as a treasure.

Teach me not to fear declaring my happiness, for it is a reflection of the joy within me. Grant me the courage to affirm, "I'm happy," acknowledging the blessings that surround me and the beauty that resides within.

In your name, O Unnamed God, I seek guidance on this journey towards inner peace and contentment. Amen.