Pandemic Publication

Well, this whole thing is real after all. I got my author's copy sent to me yesterday. Yup there's something magical about getting the publication in your hands rather than e format. My daughter and I had to learn how to do this from scratch and that's what I love most about it.

For many, many years people have been telling me that I should get this story published or that essay published. I've had many letters to various editors published and several of them have won awards but THIS tops anything.

It began as an idea and that idea just kept getting more real until BAM here it is. I've been encouraged by many folks along the way, one of whom is Joe Martin who pioneered the publishing method that I used and let me know that I could do it.

I guess at some point somebody might have labeled this a vanity project but damn we worked hard on this thing and I am positive that it came into existence to fill a need not only for myself but also for the hundreds of readers that I have, who have ordered the book and are getting set to go on the journey. Some part of the book will touch them in some way and maybe nudge them to a solution to a problem. That's my job. I am a teacher and that committment continues even without a classroom.

This whole reality started the day that the doctor told me that I had cancer. That was the day that I discovered ABC tales thanks again to Joe Martin. I needed a place to describe what might have been my final journey. Along the way I met Bee and was inspired by her courage and artistry.

So I started and kept going even up to the typing that I'm doing right now. I've benefitted greatly from the support of various ABC writers. You know who you are. This book would have never been realized if it weren't for the inspiration and encouragement and criticism that are the hallmarks of membership in ABC tales.

The publication party that I had yesterday was a party that I could not have imagined when I began this effort. All of it was and is being conducted in cyber because, of course, we are all together in the midst of this pandemic. So simply by reading this, you are and will always be part of pandemic publication party.

So we all have time to fill. Reading will help us to fill it fuller. This is an excellent time to read Full Filler even as it fulfills the dream of its author. 

Thank you all and have a refreshment for me.

Stay safe.


Congratulations, I know it's a nice feeling to hold that copy of your work in your hands - You should post a link to your book here on your blog post so we can view and purchase it online. smiley



well done. market it. that's the real test.