Positive but Private

Yeah, I got a positive result on my cologard sample which immediately sets the gears a clicking. I got note from my doctor who's is setting me up with a gastroentroligist and scheduling a colonoscopy. I want this personal journey to remain a secret to my real world friends and family until we know more but the story is definitely underway and I need to relate it in a safe place. 

20% of the samples yield a false positive. 

It's too early to panic but the right time to begin the fight as if I have much of a choice. This is the point where the doctor's take over and life changes. I'm going to record those changes right here on this blog but ssssshhhhh if you know me personally, keeep this info on the low. 


Ok, keep us posted and good luck 


this is the better forum


All the best to you from me. Hope it all goes well.



Have you removed your piece from the main section? If not, would you like me to make sure it doesn't get put on our social media?


please do


no problem