Quiet......Too Quiet

It's quiet out here....Too quiet.

I haven't heard much from ABC kin since I published my book and even less regarding my last few stories. Hope evrerybody is okay.

The last three pieces I've written starting with Groomin' in Progress are continuations of a series of idea that just keeps developing and has more or less possessed my imagination for the last week or so and it shows no signs of letting up. The whole thing is going to end up one long story and may very well be the forward to my next book in the spirit of Backward Forward in Full Filler.

When I verbalize the Hobb, Dobb, Jobb, Mobb etc to my wife she just gets irritated and tells me to stop it  but the connections just keep coming and I welcome them. 

I'm currently reading about the Films of Woodie Allen and finding inspiration in his creative process. In other words, I'm not sure where this is going but it's going and it has a force of its own and I'm gonna let it loose and then when it ends we'll find out where we are.