Shooting the Engineer

There comes a time when you've got to stop fiddling around and shoot the engineer if you ever want to get the product produced. I'm about ready to turn the book loose and get it over to my designer and hope to get it published by mid-November. I'm either gonna call it Late Boomer or Late Bloomer Blarney. The title is important and difficult, like naming a band or an album. I've used ABC tales for my scratchpad and my inspiration. I'm gonna give credit to ABC for the ongoing assistance and the great place to hide while my works are under construction. I hope I can continue to maintain your support as we begin the next phase as well as the next book.


Good luck with choosing your title Ice, and thank you for the credit. As soon as you have a link, let us know and we'll put an announcement up on the site for you. Always happy do that for an abctaler smiley


could i use some of the user comments on the back or the front of the book


Comments that people left directly for your work on ABCTales?

You would need to contact them via email and ask for their permission. You'd also need to ask their real name and if they'd be ok with that being used too.

If yiou click on a username they should all have 'contact me' buttons on their profiles