As per request, I have deleted several stories that have made extensive use of AI. This is a complex subject much like Bob Dylan becoming a "liar" when he switched from acoustic to electric guitar. I have been trying to learn how to use AI as a legitimate tool and have been encouraged by my progress and blown away by my results, some of which I shared on ABC strictly for their readability and wisdom. I chose big Nam. I found the collaboration to be insighful and intriguing. They just don't belong on ABC tales so now they're gone. For those of you who read them, I hope you found them interesting. I will adjust my usage of ABC. I'll just use my acoustic guitar but I'm not gonna go so far back as a typewriter. I remain grateful to ABC tales. It is a sacred place for me and no place to practice heresy, even if that heresy will soon become orthodxy, if it hasn't already. Just because you have an electric guitar doesn't mean you can play the guitat and having a word processor doesn't mean that you can write. I rememeber a not too distant past when one of my colleagues swore that he would never use email. Around that same another writer freind of mine decalred that he would never use a typewriter. They both lied.

I wasn't trying to lie or hide. I was trying to improve.

So I hope y'all will forgive me my trespasses. Hand me my tambo, my harmonica and my old guitar and watch me make beautiful music appropriate to the room.




To clarify, the editors, trustees and directors of ABCTales unanimously agreed that AI assisted writing was not something we wanted to see on our site. We made this clear some time ago. It is in our terms and conditions. Despite this, you have continued to use AI and we have had to ask you for the second time to remove those pieces. We very much hope that there will be no further episodes otherwise you will no longer be able to post here.


Can I post AI assisted stories on my blog? 


Sorry Ice. No AI anywhere on our site.