Story and Poem of the Month

Our Story and Poem of the Month for July, very kindly selected by airyfairy:



It’s been a great pleasure to read all the amazing stuff on ABC this month. Please do keep all that wonderful work coming!


I greatly enjoyed another of Terrence Oblongs masterpieces of absurdity, ‘The Boonhill Murder Case’ (The Boonhill Murder Case (1) | ABCtales) and Sean McNulty’s tales of Elder continue to delight – the latest one, ‘The Train You Rode In On’, is here: The Train You Rode In On | ABCtales . But Story of the Month definitely goes to Rosalie Kempthorne’s science fiction tale ‘WebWorld’. There are – I hope! – still many more episodes of this series to come, and once you’ve read what’s been posted already, you’ll be as eager as I am to know what happens next. It has a cinematic feel, with its sharply drawn characters, vivid descriptions, and cracking pace, and the vision of Apocalypse feels uncomfortably plausible. The first part is here: WebWorld (1.1) | ABCtales


Our poets have really excelled themselves this month, and it was extremely difficult to make a choice. I was very moved by both Ewan’s ‘A Coin For Belisarius’ (A Coin for Belisarius | ABCtales), a timeless story of an unknown warrior, and bhi’s ‘100% Cotton’ (100% Cotton | ABCtales), offering a glimpse of the human faces behind our cheap and carelessly disposed of clothes. In the end though, Poem of the Month goes to stevepoet’s ‘In IKEA, he dreams about the woman he loves’: In IKEA, he dreams about the woman he loves | ABCtales Deceptively simple, it perfectly captures the thrill of love, and the way the sheer joy of it can burst through into the most mundane of settings. Please do read it, if you haven’t already. 


Thank you for a splendid month of reading!




A bronze medal is an achievement to be proud of, so there! Up yours, Piers M! winksmiley

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