If you have been a bad ‘Conservative’ in your life then you go to a Liberal Hell when you die. The person in charge of this place of eternal suffering and damnation is an ultra-Liberal like Bill or Hilary Clinton, or Barak Obama. Here you will spend an eternity paying for your sins. They will pass liberal reforms all day which will have you constantly smoking pot and partaking in marathon session gay orgies which will be compulsory to all inmates. They will laugh as you suffer and wane under their liberal yoke. There shall be no peace for the wicked. Not for all eternity!


If you have been a bad ‘Liberal’ then you go to a Conservative Hell when you die. The guy in charge is someone like Reagan, Bush or Donald Trump. They will pass dictatorial and draconian conservative laws all day such as segregation and no smoking of grass. They will ban all music apart from hillbilly mountain bands which will be constantly blasting away. They will replace the law and the constitution with the Ten Commandments and you will suffer severe penalties for the slightest transgression with no recourse to the law whatsoever. It will be a living nightmare for all free-minded folk. Once again the wicked shall not go unpunished but shall face eternal torment at the hands of their oppressors. Crime does not pay!


I have faced both these forms of eternal torment in my time, and this has made me a more middle of the road type of guy. I hope I will be headed for a Democratic Paradise were things are always ‘Just Right’ and the motions passed were neither too far right, or too far left. I will be a content soul merely to have sufficient means for all my days, and to live a happy and pleasing life. Give me Liberty over Gold!