I’m back in my old childhood room in the house fighting out the elements and the greater equation as I have since I was a boy. It seems that we middleclass are walking and economic tightrope with the world markets and the whole situation, and might soon be saying a short prayer, putting our heads between our legs; and kissing our ass goodbye!

I am back to my old user ‘jacques’ and have closed my account ‘Baker Street’ with all my old stuff on. You can still access old my old stories and poems on this user and I hope you enjoy it. I will be posting my new stories and poems under the new account ‘jacques’ so you can follow me here in future, if that’s what you do.

Our ‘LOCKDOWN’ experience for the last few months regarding the COVID epidemic was dreadful to say the least. The authorities sat with their fingers stuck up their arse for five long and miserable months while we had to struggle it out in the trenches with no booze, and believe it or not; NO TOBACCO. (Albeit you buy it illegal, of course.)

So we are one step forward and two steps back. Back to the drawing board. Back to square one. Good luck me laddies; and I wish you all of the best! Moonshine and roses I’m sure…