The Swiss Watchmaker.

The Universe, which is without beginning or end, is like the perfect workings of a Rolex watch. The spring driving this entire creation is termed ‘The Big Bang’. Every planet and galaxy is part of the countless cogs and gears that turn endlessly in perfection to perform a greater whole. All working together for some higher purpose. Every single moment is perfectly timed; every birth, life and death. All is harmony and balance. Synchronicity is the key. A dream or a machine? And still the wheels turn, second by second, and hour by hour. A piece of master-craftsmanship by the great Swiss-Watchmaker in the Sky.

The Science of Determinism

According to this theory of mine contained in this set, it takes a period of time for any given situation of right-and-wrong to correct itself, and balance itself out in nature and life in general. The time-period is undefined and varies from case to case. On a larger scale, or for a more important person, the time period would be longer; decades and centuries. The pattern works to the benefit of the greater whole (Humanity). It determines our fate or destiny. Human history is a matter of the difference between right-and-wrong, good-and-evil, from the beginning until the end.(All the suffering that we endure in this life is ultimately for the benefit of all mankind. It works for the greater good, and for the betterment of future generations.)
‘It is certain because it is impossible’ Tertullian


  1. The Heirarchy of Genes.
    Within the pattern of life described previously there is a genetical heirarchy. Throughout history the top genes has always advanced to the top of society and the structure. Such as Alexander the Great, Caesar or Napoleon, regardless of physical stature. The genetical superiority lies in the mind and the persona. All great leaders such as the Pharaohs in Egypt or the King of an African Kingdom is based on the superiority of the genes, through the process of natural selection. The genes also fall into wider stage along with the pattern which life and history takes. Thus great historical events co-inside with great persons that are associated with that time period. This also falls along with the pattern of life through the Biblical Principle of “He, who is first, shall be last.” Great persons always rise to the top of the situation in their lives because of these facts, regardless of the hurdles they have to surmount along the way, such as the historical figures already mentioned and others like them. With the structure that genes take in society through the lives of people and the pattern of life, there is always a hierarchy to the genetical pyramid of mankind. Genetics is a matter of the perfect combination of genes; natural selection. For nature to ensure this; the more diverse the genepool the better.(Visualize a three-dimensional pyramid graph.)


2. The Pattern of Life.
All life on earth (Plants, animals and humans) are based on a pattern called; the pattern of life. Thus the whole living planet is based on a pattern of cause and effect. For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. For arguments sake; if you attempt a murder, sooner or later there will be an equal attempt on your own life. If you steal from someone, sooner or later the same measure or possession will be stolen from you in return. Any wrong that you do will be revisited on you personally at a later stage or your next of kin, descendants, countrymen etc. “Just as you sow you shall reap” The good news in this equation is that the opposite is also true; “Cast your bread upon the water, it will come back to you.” All the good that you do towards other people will also be repaid to you. If you give a homeless beggar a bit of money out of the goodness of your heart, without expecting anything in return, you may expect that at a later stage your good deed will be returned in the same way; when you are most in need. (Or whichever charity you support or donate money or time to.) If everyone practises this principle, the earth will gradually become a better place. A true heaven and a paradise it will once more be one day. It is like casting a stone in the middle of a tranquil pond. The ripples extend outward from the centre. It may be a stone cast for evil, with evil ripples flowing outwards in an ever widening evil spiral. If you cast it for good, the ripples will flow outwards with good emanating from it in the pattern of life. Thus it may either be a good circle, or an evil one, depending on your intent and actions. Or like a pendulum of metal balls, with the force being carried over from the one ball to the next, with the final one in the row lifting and rebounding, repeating the process. Currently with all the evil, materialism and violence in the world; mankind is following a cruel and vicious circle of retribution and counter-retribution. They are busy destroying themselves and their home; the planet earth. With all this there is more good news for average people who generally do good in their lives. If you follow this basic principle, you need not fear that any evil will befall you, as this same pattern of life will generally protect you from bad times befalling you; “Yea though I go through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil” Psalm 23. And so the pattern of life balances itself out as it always has over the ages. A pattern for good, or a pattern for evil, according to your own personal choice. 


3. Re-arrangement.
The pattern re-arranges itself as actions affect people, on a continuing basis. The effect on the pattern depends on the position of the affected person on the genetical heirarchy. The death of one person led to the start of the First World War, for example (Archduke Franz Fredinand). If the person most high on the hierarchy is killed or harmed, it would have a severe impact on the pattern as a whole, as the pattern would re-arrange itself in its entirety, over a period of time.
The impact on the pattern would depend on who, when and where an action was dealt on, according to their position on the hierarchy. This means that the most high person is like a key-stone in the structure of the pattern as a whole. The time period that it takes the pattern to re-arrange itself is not a factor. It takes as long as is necessary for the pattern to re-arrange itself; according to how important the result of an action was initially. It will take a small period of time for a minor incident to rectify itself, or if the action had a serious impact at the start, it would then take a much longer period of time to correct itself. The family tree of these men is very wide-spread throughout humanity, and the most high person genetically may be born in any part of the world, among any people, at any time. We do not know who the person is who is currently the most high on the genetical hierarchy, as one would have to do extensive scientific tests in order to do so. It can be any person alive today. Other Data: After Ceasar was assinated, the Roman Empire experienced a period of civil war a division. When Alexander the Great was poisoned, his empire was devided amongst his sons and generals, and split apart. When Charlemagne (Charles the Great) died, his empire was also devided into three parts. This is the sort of knock-on effect that re-arrangement has on the pattern of life. In closing: I can promise no-one anything with this theory, apart from two things; when you die you remain dead forever,, and finally, mankind must solve their own problems here on earth themselves, just as you have to do in your own life. “There is a scientific explanation for everything.” Proverb.


4. Example:
In real life we observe the following phenomena; people are aware of events long before they occur. An example of this the World Cup hosted in our country this year. Long beforehand, when it was announced, everyone throughout the land was aware that there would be a lot of crime during the tournament, as this is crime-riddled country and this would be the ideal opportunity for criminal make money. How did we know this? Logic – and the truth. We all accept it as a given. From the moment we realized it, until the moment the crime happens; the truth never deviated. Is it then not as if it has already happened? Is it not all pre-determined in any case, whichever way you look at it?
Yes, it is…


5. Experiment
When I stand in my room I can hear the heavy traffic outside day and night, as I live on the Main Road of our town. If I take a coin in my hand and drop it, it falls to the ground. This is a given, as it is because of gravity. I drop the coin and then listen to a car passing by in front of the house. The car passing by is like the coin; it is a given that it would pass my house at exactly that time. The driver of the vehicle would have done nothing other in his life at that precise moment in time; because he was destined to do so. It was all pre-determined; like the moment I dropped the coin from my hand. You can perform this basic experiment yourself. Drop a coin and think of gravity. Then listen to a car pass by outside. The one like the other had no choice but to happen. They are both a given. Thus the car passing in front of the house was pre-determined to be on this course at this exact moment in time. Neither one of the two are co-incidence; they are both pre-determined. Furthermore, they are synchronized, and this is no co-incidence. This means the whole thing is timed.

(When performing the experiment, the bounce of the coin should be timed with the passing of the car. Use a quarter and a smooth, flat surface.)

Evolution and Big-Bang.

Time is endless, and there is a small mathematical possibility that somewhere in time the universe will come into existence. Sooner or later this miracle happens and time and space co-exists in the same dimension, and the universe comes into existence. Space, like time, is infinite and without borders. In other words, the universe has no limits and is therefore endless. (Any point in the universe is the centre of the universe.)

There is also a small mathematical chance that somewhere in time an event like the big-bang will occur, and in due course it does. The solar systems and the galaxies are formed in this way.

Finally there is a small mathematical possibility that life will evolve on planets that are able to harbour and foster it. Eventually this also happens and thereafter it is a process of evolution until the existence of man. It all happened within the wider scope of nature and the universe.

This is the true origin of man in scientific terms.

(Every single living organism that exists, or has ever existed, is entirely unique. In some way the universe, and life in the universe, sustains itself endlessly through regeneration.)