If you believe in right and wrong you would know that there are consequences for your actions. Our whole life is based on decisions and the result thereof. You may lead a life of injustice without any punishment being apparent, but you are actually just fooling yourself, no-one else. We are caught in time and space for all eternity. Let us say for arguments sake that I have lived a life of several decades, but in that time I have spent my life oppressing others and doing them harm and even murdering them; yet I believe that there will be no repercussions and my life is led to the brim – this is all a lie. Even though the punishment might not be apparent to me, I have lived a short and evil life in the greater scheme of things. This means that I am caught up for all eternity in the brief but unwholesome existence that I lead. Time cannot be turned back and in that temporary play that was my life, I will always be pure evil. One can play time forward or backward, but my life and my individual contribution will always be the same; time and space cannot alter it – this was my life. You were born evil and your whole life was evil, and in the whole of the universe, and in all time and space that will never change. The play might be re-enacted time and time again, but the result remains the same; this was who you were and it will always be that way, regardless of anything. On the other hand if I was a martyr who died for my cause, who was persecuted and murdered for no apparent reason, that fact will also stand for all eternity. Once again we can play it forward and backward but the fact remains the same; this was a man who died for his principles. Eternal damnation or eternal reward, it is all the same in the end. Heaven and Hell are set in the person that you are, and the life that you have led, for all time to come - whichever way you look at it. Be a good person and love all mankind. The reward is payment in itself.