What the world needs in the beginning of the new millennium, is a ‘New Renaissance’ where all men will be equal, and where peace and prosperity will rule for all time to come. You can be a person of colour like Kenny Solomon and become a Grandmaster at Chess. Or you can be a woman, like Marie Pasteur, and become a famous scientist. Or you might even have a serious mental illness, like John Nash, and become a great Mathematician. Equal opportunities will grow our society and ensure the survival and betterment of all. Only in a world that is truly free and fair, will you find hope and compassion. Only in a system that is truly just, will you find justice. Only in each other lies the answer. The key to the future lies in science, poetry and law. A new age is dawning and we should seize the day. The only revolution that will liberate your mind is education. Let’s pray for freedom for all; and a bright tomorrow!