It is springtime down south, and every morning at daybreak, I go out and feed the doves in the birdfeeder outside in the garden. Soon the feeding frenzy begins, as one by one they swoop down from the sky, to tackle the bowl. This is followed by bit of food fight for the scrumptious bird seed, as they all climb in and tackle their breakfast, while others peck up the seeds below that fall to the ground during the rush of feathers, beaks and talons. A morning feast fit for royalty amongst my gentle feathered friends. A joy to brighten up one’s day each morning. We note the turning of the seasons by the first green leaves that appear on the trees outside. So we note the signs of the turning of a new century and millennium, and the dawn of a new age. New triumphs like wondrous advances in science and technology, and new challenges; such as the current global pandemic.  Every age has its high points, and low points. Its successes and disasters. Its joys and its sorrows. And this next thousand years will be no different. Hero’s will come along to save the day, and villains will come along to spoil it. The endless play that is humanity will reinact itself time and time again, but the ultimate outcome will be to all our benefit. Be strong and soar high above it all, in faith of a new world and better way. The daylight brings a bright tomorrow, just as spring has sprung in splendid bloom outside, in a brave new world!