I own an old church in the scottish highlands

My wife and I bought an old church a year ago, we live in it and hope to turn it into 

an arts and language venue. We are also holding poetry nights and writing retreats!



One problem is, it needs a new roof!

It is an interesting story as about 13 years ago the church

was hacked from the graveyard and sold. So it is like a private island in the middle of a council graveyard.

Luckily we have electric, but other than that we don't have permission to put pipes or phone lines in. So we are off grid for everything else. Rainwater harvesting and composting toilet.

Eventually we'd like to go off grid


Oh, my wife is an actress and we are thinking of making it a film studio, Either way

the space can be used for many things.

Thanks for reading,





I had a look at your website - thanks for posting this - it looks and sounds amazing. Good luck with the new roof!


Gald you found it interesting :)

Justin Tuijl

Looks amazing. Good luck with the work (and poetry). 


Thank you

Justin Tuijl