100 Quatorzain


100 Quatorzain is exactly what it says on the cover: a collection of 100 14-line poems (let's not dignify them as sonnets) compiled as part of the Captain Tom 100 Challenge.

Although the sentiments expressed in this collection of poems are often more cynical than Captain Tom’s, Cerasus Poetry and John Wilks are playing their small part to support the underlying sentiment behind this endeavour by donating their  profits from all sales of this book to the Captain Tom Moore Foundation, promoting charitable causes to combat loneliness, champion education and equality, and support the NHS.

Available in paperback from Amazon, priced at £10:

100 Quatorzain: Amazon.co.uk: Wilks, John: 9798746315168: Books

or as an ebook downloadable from Cerasus's Ko-fi Shop for £5:


"Tomorrow will be a good day."