Almost Thirty Years now I have been a victim of police corruption and cover-ups. It involves a old policeman called Woody who was involved in more than one murder. The first murder himself and his mate Ponty got off scott free and the Apartheid police covered up the crime. In the second murder he turned State Witness against his friend the gunman in another case of corruption and murder for which he is most to blame as per usual. These are two murders that he got away with thanks to his friends in Law & Order. In 1996 I was deemed paranoid and taken up in State Mental Hospital to cover up their crimes. In 2008 they again attacked me with wireless electronics, drove me mad and got me to cut my own wrist with glass. I lay in pools of blood, have been a bit maimed since, and it was another case of attempted murder by them to cover up their previous murder and crimes. They also use a car accident I was in when I was 18 years old and wherein a man died as pretext to always cover up their corruption and murder and frame me for it. This is never going to end as I had cancer last year and will probably not live forever. Still they laugh out loud and cover up and corrupt the Law to the extreme. The innocent were punished and the guilty got off scott free. The Ten Commandments: Thou Shall Bear No False Witness.’ (The Law And Crime.)


JP Brown, Centurion. (South-Africa 1996-2024.)