Unashamed plug for a new writer...

I may not have been writing much of late, but it seems my daughter has. And, if I say so myself, her poetic pen is as sharp as a razor. Her submission was accepted for Issue 15 of Pushing Out the Boat - which amongst other things has been described as the best regional literary magazine in Scotland and a thrilling place to be published alongside writers and artists from around the world. She even gets a mention in the foreword:

'The balladeer tradition has a future when a 16-year-old poet has the panache to write: ‘She might have shoved the fruit of knowledge so far down his throat he choked’.

Her poem is called 'do not trust a man who calls himself objective'. It's a real zinger but if you want to read it you'll have to buy a copy of the magazine, which is a collectors item in itself - full of fantastic writing and brilliant artwork. You'll find it here - www.pushingouttheboat.co.uk



well done, her. (and you)


Thanks. It's all her work though. I'm just an admiring onlooker.

Many congratulations to your daughter.  And indeed to you, for encouraging and supporting her.  The magazine looks exciting!  .  

Thanks. When she said she was in it I didn't realise the pedigree it had. She played it down - unlike what I would have done.

That's brilliant Scorpio. Big congratulations to her (and you)! Perhaps you could persuade her to open an account with us here too?


Thanks. I'll see if I can persuade her...but if it's anything like getting her to tidy her room it may take a while.

haha - good luck with that!