Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all from us at

It's been a good year for us with the three Unbound books reaching their funding targets due to the enormous efforts of the authors. Laurie Avadis's 'Ex' is selling well and it deserves to do so. It's an orginal and brilliant book so if you haven't bought it, then do so now!

Ewan Laurie's 'Gibbous House' and Jack O'Donnell's 'Lily Poole' are due out early in the New Year and good luck to them.

ABCtales does depend on its continued existence on you, its users. We are a community of writers and readers. Do help us to spread the word about the site, do contribute financially and with your comments and opinions. It all goes to make the site as helpful as it could possibly be. Just think about what you would like to hear in terms of genuine criticism from other writers and add your bit. Let's get this site so well known in the next year - tell all your friends and relations about it on social media and get them to tell their friends and relations. It's word of mouth that counts.

But most importantly have a great holiday period. Enjoy whatever you can and have fun!


Tony Cook and the Editors.

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