A couple days ago I had to meet with HR because someone complained about my behavior:  a lady (the one I took to the opera) was passing by and said "Hey, Jack" to greet me and I approached her, held her face in my hands, kissed her for one....two ..three seconds, released her and said "Hey ". Now I am on paid leave for a week waiting for what will be the consequences of that impromptu kiss.  She has let me know that she wasn't the one who complained.  Hell, she looked really pretty and I felt like it.  Not a defense, just all I can offer as an explanation which is all the explanation HR received from me.  HOO-ah!  




I know, they take things to ridiculous extremes where a simple word of reprimand will suffice. Not being funny please. And often the real transgressions simply pass unnoticed (almost like not in fashion it seems).


You ain't lying.  It was s simple kiss.  Ain't like I groped her.  And she didn't push me away.