Cats were baking on my driveway when I got home.  As usual, refilled their water and food bowls.  While I was busy with this my neighbor arrived in his girlfriend's car.  Don't see him much, two or three weeks might pass before we lay eyes on each other, but we lookout for each other all the same.  He brings me all the veggies he doesn't want from the food bank and I bring him beer.  Hey, TJ, good to see you.  Yeah, man, how you been?  Good, good, yourself?  I'm making it.  So we have a good relationship.  His girlfriend always makes a point of hugging me whenever she sees me.  Hugging and kissing my cheek with a "love you, baby" which is simply a way of being friendly down here.  Well, today, when the neighbor came home while I was as outside taking care of the cats, she came strolling over, well, guess I'll be a gentleman and meet her halfway.  Hugged me, told me she thought about me this morning, well wishes exchanged, time for the kisses.  I leaned in to kiss her cheek and she turned her head at the last second and the kiss was applied to her lips.  What the fuck?  Glad the neighbor was already inside.  I stepped back.  She hugged me again.  Don't need this shit.  What in the hell is going on with the females I know?