Policy and Chivalry

We're required to wear back support belts.  I obey the requirement.  Get to work, go to the locker room, unlock my locker, strip outta my civvies, get in work- provided uniform - optional, but I wear it so I don't sweat out my clothes, cuts down laundry - put on the belt and begin earning my paycheck.  Ain't never been reprimanded for violating policy, well, beating up that asshole who killed that lizard...that doesn't count, but then today happened.  A relatively new worker (been there about 3 months) was having a helluva time operating a pallet jack.  Simple, really, but she didn't jack the pallet high enough for leverage.  Yes, she.  Saw her en route to lunch.  Off the clock, back belt off, stopped and took the pallet where it needed to be.  After lunch, summoned to the foreman's office.  Shit.  Reprimanded for operating equipment without a back belt and....wait for it.... creating an uncomfortable working environment for a female employee.  Taking over the pallet made her feel inadequate, demeaned her.  Well, shit.  Gonna stay away from females for a while.  Keep getting myself in trouble.




TJ, it's P______'s birthday this Friday, we're going to celebrate at the beaches . 

     Ain't that vague?

     We haven't decided which beach.  Want to get a tally on how many are coming first, then we'll choose a venue.

     Sounds like work.

     C'mon, bruh, just going to drink some beer, eat some wings 

     Don't eat meat, prefer liquor.

     You don't have to eat wings, chow on some fries or something, drink whatever you want.

     Can't I just sign a card?

     Damn, bruh, don't you like us?  Don't you like P______?

     Like has nothin' to do with it.  Get back to me when you figure everything out.

     What, beach bar isn't fancy enough for you?

     What the fuck do you mean?

     Don't mean anything, bruh, just thought maybe you prefer some place where you get dressed up.

     What place?

     C'mon, don't act like you don't know.  Everyone knows.

     Knows what?

    You know, bruh, how you took Miss A___ out, got all decked out in a tux, brought her flowers and -

     What the fuck do you mean 'everyone knows?'"

     Guess you made her feel real good, bruh, she been telling everyone about how good you made her feel.

     I'm gonna throw you in the goddamn river, man.  Shut up.

     All right, TJ,  no reason to get upset, bruh, making a lady feel real good is a good thing.

     Fuck off.  I want to enjoy my lunch.

     .... where's that cornbread you promised me?

     Told you, asshole, next time I make some I'll bring some.  Ain't made any yet.

     Fucker.  I'll let you know where and when, bruh.

     Yeah, you do that.

     And I want some of that cornbread you bragged about.

     Fuck off.  Leave me alone with my lunch.

     All right, I'm going, bruh....hey, thanks for the advice on my car, you were right, it's all fixed up.

     Fucking awesome.

    Later, TJ.

     Fuck off.

     *A great day at work.  Goddamn gossip going around about me.  I'm gonna throw them all in the goddamn river.


I just want to say that I didn't tell anyone what's going around.  All I said was that I had a really good time.  I ...I didn't say anything dirty.

    I know, don't worry about it.  Assholes turn anything dirty if they want to do it.

     You were a perfect gentleman and I had a really nice time, that's all I said.

     I know.  

     I just wanted to make sure you knew.  I wouldn't make rumors about you 

    I know, don't worry about it.

     Okay, just wanted to make sure you know.  Are you going to P ______'s birthday party?

     Probably not.

     You should.  You don't have to stay long, just have a drink, wish him a happy birthday.

     I can wish him that here and have a drink in the comfort of my home.

     ....well.... just don't rule it out just yet.  And if you ever want a home cooked meal just say the word.

     I'll keep that in mind, thanks 

     ....well... that's all I wanted to say 

     All right, Miss A___, have a good afternoon.

     Thank you, you too.




Good morning, from the clerk working the window.

     Hey, how's it going?  I answer while filling out the necessary paperwork.

     Great, yourself?

     Super duper 

     Hey ...hope you know that A____ didn't say any of those dirty things about you.  She only said that she had a great time.

     I know.  She already said.

     She's just worried you think she started a rumor about you .

     Told her already I know she didn't.

    Okay, as long as you know.  It was a really nice thing you did for her    You know...she colored her hair.  Have you seen her today?


     And she's wearing a little makeup too.  She's feeling good about herself.

     Good for her.

     Signed my John Hancock on the last sheet of paperwork.

     Thanks, I'll take care of this.


     Hope you have a good day.

     You have a good one.






Stay away from the foreman. Better for both of  you.smileysmiley

Can't stay away from the boss.

That is tricky. When I wanted to swap jobs in the supermarket here, to work in the fresh produce department the boss gave me the potatoes to do.I've worked in produce before, down south, and it's unusual to have a whole L shape of  the big bags of loose potatoes.  Am not sure how much those bags weigh, but it was a big struggle. I hadn't realised he did it on purpose. (one of the other workers told me later) None of the others helped. And I didn't want them to. Though it would've cheered me up a bit if they'd asked :0) He'd told them not to. I put all the bags where they were meant to go. But he still wouldn't let me change because he didn't think a female should work in that department. Maybe it's like that with the person you helped? She had to prove she could do it? To herself, to everyone else.

I was really glad another place got a vacancy and I could leave!


DH, you're such a sweetheart, but, basically, I believe I was screwed.  Need to keep my hands and my intentions to myself.