First day of new job 27.11.2012

5.30am get out of bed.
6.45 walk to town, catch train to Cannock at 7.15.
Arrive at Cannock rail station 7.45, walk maybe three miles to Cannock office of employer, though I was told during my induction that I would be picked up from Walsall (had to get there early to find the damned place).
9.30 two minibuses leave for Dunstable.
11.50 arrive at the store in Dunstable where the stocktaking was being done.
1pm audit begins.
12.30 am (approximately, because by then I was practically brain dead) audit complete.
1.15 am drive back to the Midlands.
3.15 am dropped off in Walsall, walk home, eat and crawl to bed just before 4am.

Pay:- 11 hours minimum wage, no pay for travel and hanging around.