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Inna Groove

As I'm getting my book ready for the designer, I've been on quite a roll. I keep adding new material but soon, I'm gonna have to shoot the engineer, if I want to get this thing published on schedule. It's been great fun to sprint to the finish like this. I'm not getting a lot of readers but I'm kinda beyond that now. I'm in a groove. I know it and it's a good one.


What's the best way to load cherry picked stories into a new collection without bombarding th site with stories posted long ago. I'm ready now to collect and publish but it seems I'm going about the collection haphazardly because the stories that I want first automatically become the last stories in the collection. For example, I have many of my cherry piced stories collected on Aardvark Art Park but the last one I put in would be the first one...

Nearing 500

I've been inspired lately and it looks like I'm going to get to 500 stories sooner rather than later. Not drawing a lot of readers but I'm sorta past that now. I know the work is good and that's all I cando is produce it. Stop over and take a look as the story of Mr. Baseball materializes.

Make a Christmas Wish

Double yolk eggs are single eggs that happen to have two yolks in them. They happen when a hen releases one yolk too soon after a prior one, and both become encased in the same egg. The odds of cracking open a double egg yolk are a thousand to one. Bet one dollar win a thousand. Today, our daughter Mary came to visit. I've been counting the days to her visit for at least two months. We have been living in North Carolina for the last six months...

6 reads for Emily

Set a new low for readers yesterday with 6....and I was 3 of them. I'll probably never hit zero because I usually edit a story at least once or add a photo. So yesterday, after writing about Emily, we went to the movies. The theater was packed with gray hairs of which we are two. I was surprised to see how fast the word had gotten out about the excellence of the movie we were about to see. The movie is Green Book and it is definitely going to...

Didn't do much this afternoon

Lost twenty bucks in scratchoffs and watched Nasa perfect a landing on Mars....ya know the usual. In between I wrote another story that I like a lot. It's about my niece Kourtney and her asshole trigger which eventually gets around to Trump.

100,000 reads

Thanks to everybody who collaborated with me to reach this milestone. I realize that 100,000 reads is about the same as the rreads I get from a lletter to the editor but here in ABC, it somehow feels more significant. I pretty regularly get about 200 reads a day now even though my new stuff usually connects with a couple dozen or so who I truly appreciate and keep in mind every time that I go to the keyboard. You keep reading and I'll keep...

Writing Heaven

This is the beginning of the big one. This is my greatest story because it's true. I've told this story hundreds of times but I've never written it. Other writers have taken a shot at ti and done allright but no one can tell it like I can because I was there for every second of it. I've been holding off on the writing because I wanted to keep growning my writing skills before I even attempted it. The problem is, I'm starting to lose some of my...

Incredible Diminishing Readership

I am compelled to write. I get the angle. I come upstairs. The light goes on. I type in the light. All of a sudden something exists that didn't exist before.The writing isn't seeking readers but the writer is surprised by the ongoing reduction of readership. Sometimes I think, well maybe I'm wating my time when I write. Pretty sure my wife feels the same way based on her level of support. Then the angle, then the climb, then the light, then the...

fifty cherry picks

I'm proud to reach this milestone. I was lingering on 49 for awhile. I know these awards are subjective and not supposed to mean much but they mean a lot to me and it makes every story much less lonely. On to 100