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Plot Generator - Taking a break from writing

If you need a break from writing, why not google plot/story generator. They ask you a couple of questions and use your responses to make a story. There's loads on the internet, and most are absolutely and hilariously bad. Here's one from a story generator I found this morning. Meanwhile I'm off to change my pants because I wet myself laughing when I read this: SUZY DUTCH Suzy Dutch had always loved Quiet Barking on the Wye with its cooing, crazy...

Westminster and Scotland - parent and child

I would have posted this on Celticman's blog but the system keeps telling me I'm not logged in.

Mother, Memories, and Calculus

I've just noticed that i reposted an item called Mother, Memories, and Calculus, and four people commented on it. I have no recollection of reposting...although obviously I did. It's just the way I am nowadays. I like to think of it as being a little forgetful. Unfortunately it is happening more and more. Thankyou to those who commented. I'll try to be more attentive in future.

Clean out

I'm having a clean out. Lots of my older stuff will be removed shortly. A lot of it hasn't been looked at in years anyway - and some of it is a bit iffy. So don't worry, I haven't spat the dummy. I'm just spring cleaning - even though it's not spring.

Just sayin'

From my experience you never really know anyone. We are the person we are, the person we want to be seen as, and the person that others perceive. And not only are all these personalities different, they're fluid as well. They change with the environment: the person we are at work is not necessarily the person we are at home, or the person we are on the tube or in a car. We are chameleons. And we are rivers, changing our nature bit by bit as we...

Journal of a New Novelist 22 (Sailors, Bricklayers, Artists - Why a perfect first draft is a fallacy)

I have come to the conclusion that if writing a first draft was like sailing a boat I would be constantly off-course. I would forever be adjusting the helm to get back on what I think is the right heading. There have been so many mornings when I have woken with a clear picture of why everything I wrote the day before was not quite right. I’d got the characters all wrong, or the focus was on the wrong thing, or I’d missed a key element, or…well…...

Journal of a New Novelist 21 (Quantum physics, Eric Morecambe and Schrödinger's cat)

I don’t pretend for one moment that I have a clue what quantum physics is all about. I just about managed ‘How to Teach Relativity to Your Dog’. Science isn’t my best subject – at least not the modern, brain-boggling stuff. Schrödinger's cat, as far as I’m concerned, ate the poison. It’s dead. The idea of two completely opposed states existing at the same time in the same place is beyond my ability to comprehend. It’s that simple. Which means I...

Journal of a New Novelist 20 (Cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, and Ithaka)

The thing about climbing a new mountain is that you’ll come across new places and other paths you had no idea were there. That is the nature of an adventure. You may plan your route as best you can in advance, based on what can only be limited knowledge. But that route is always destined to change in the light of what you find on the way. The adventure is not so much about getting to the top of the mountain, but on the unexpected things you see...

Journal of a New Novelist (Addendum)

I mentioned a while ago that I was working on a website to act as a journal and to document my novel writing experience. Well, it's up and running. It's not brilliant but there's plenty of time for improvement. You can find it here . Regards, AJ