E= Glass-bottomed boat

Moreover 5 - two men and a dog and a boat

You Are Worthy (The Crashing Waves)

A poem/song based on the story of Peter walking on the water.


The Shubunkin, my childhood friend. Staying alive, despite neglect, overfeeding and ignorance, and stubbornly refusing to die.


Sex and sirens


how an exotic dancer copes with the problems of her life

Life is a Carnival

Garbage barrels measured the passage of time that day to a depth of several feet in some locations. Bees darted and hovered over the barrels, as if...

Education is the key ........

Education is the key Come on, roll up, come and see All the wonders of the universe displayed And precepts of truth and lies conveyed, To hungry and...

Life long and broad ....

Life long and broad A treasure gathered and stored. For keep sake's experience The spice of life in essence. Wonderful riches to be found Ruby rich...

I saw a programme .......

I saw a programme the other day All about mental illness The content sympathetic, moved me in a way Strange and tender I confess Not only were...

Today it's said ....

Today it's said, is the first day Of the rest of my life. And how I long for that illusion. But really today, for me is another day of grief. The...

Dancing Bear

I am a dancing bear. Look at my G.P.A. This is how much I weigh. My eyes are blue and my hair is blonde, I only have designer clothes on. Am I good...


Aggrivation finds release in poetry.

Kendall Hill Road

Living in a small town, just before my parents divorce.


My Dad hangs Me on the wall Like a tarpaulin He complains there Aren't enough tent pegs An oily patch lingers in my Top left hand corner But we don't...




Think Homer Think!


Confusion and ager take their tole.

About My Youth

About my youth.

Leave me

What is the time? You asked 'tho I knew that was not the question The one on your lips The one desperate to escape Was "will you ever love me that...

Are you Lying&;#063;

Are you lying? Or can you not remember the truth? Have you distorted reality in your eyes? Is that how you see it in your mind? Or are you lying? For...