Madam Vanerre's Shuffle

a story about a generation gap

Close your eyes

I am romantic but strong....


instinctive as a diamond thief sniffing for cubitz zirconia and Marilyn Monroe dolls, I immediately label you and your money handling sexy big hands...


where your fire engine red teeth and NATURAL HAIR COLOR could be parts of my life// my rescue process. where I stretch out sooner than the time a...

Lit like a bitch

*"Lit like a bitch" quoted from a dear friend, Kelly Crooks

Post Terrorism

Post Terrorism



A Dragons Tale

A tale of how the last dragon saved the people from the tyranical king


As she opened her eyes, blinking furiously from the bright overhead lighting, Vera tried to take in her surroundings. The faded floral curtains,...

Love Song For A Banker

Materialistic passion.

God Is Like Paul Daniels

God Is Like Paul Daniels (Now there's a horrible thought) By Mark Cantrell Get out of my light, God, You're spoiling my view. Go sit in the corner,...

Moving Forward

Society - A view from the bottom.

F This Is Terrorism

This Is Terrorism By Mark Cantrell You nurse a burning Grievance, Within your festering soul. Whether genuine or imagined, Is neither here nor there...

E To The Terror Born

To The Terror Born By Mark Cantrell The bombs explode And destroy human life. As the dust settles, A boy struggles upright. All around him, As he...

K = Chapter ten and eleven

&;#8220;This ghastly dress is too big and this ghastly dress is too small,&;#8221; she muttered,

What is Science&;#063;

A spiritual aspect

Teddy Bears Picnic

A teddy bears horror story.

Poetry from a cat

who has imagination


Today at work I considered fashioning basil and rancid rotini into Avalon and torching it; a truly definitive Bunson Bonanza. Harmonious and beneath...