K- From the Outside in

Looking in the mirror

J- Simulation

Not reality

I- Lost at Home

Wandering through the mind

H- Forcing the Situation

Some things just don't work

G- Wandering

No particular place to go

F- Steel Resilience

Having to go on

B- Begging for Help

Finding without searching


Don't be a walking billboard!!!!

A- Opening Doors

Opening course

New Years Eve

align="center"> New Years Eve This night we have all been waiting for, this year long. Now is the time to let yourself go, and burst out into song...


The air holds its breath and the day is still. The sun hangs on wire, stationary. Clouds and birds wait in awe for the right to be. Time has no place...


Here is a set of keys to a series of locks that are already open: a declamatory watch measuring the weight between glances of the second hand; a ring...

Halogen sun

crack cracked electric cackles crackling down the synapse you are slam bang twisting words typhooning whip crack sensibility you are whip snarl whip...


I am thinking about space, curious to find out about my place within it. But it is you I see. It is you because there is nothing else. You are...

Untitled Connection

I get the feeling I've seen you before. Almost as if I saw you woven into the treebranches, green as grass with intricate patterns circling across...

Blind Date

Proof that money is no substitute for a personality.

Puckoon - a novel by Spike Milligan

A review of Spike Milligan's first novel