A shortage of sheiss

you don't value it till its gone

A personal universe

romancing a Russian doll

Three thousand one

avoid monolithic thinking

To the ticking of the clock

the nights are longer in the autumn of life

Broken to-ken

don't try and fool a psychic

A man of few words

an ignoble gesture

Holy Sontanned Left arm...

miracles are in the eye of thee ....

Plato's retreat

define your terms


the journey has one direction, in

Bozos' bosons

whose universe is it, anyway&;#063;


sadness is only skin deep

Clown shoes blues

love those politicians

Spelling counts

hard times at the carnival

No cigar

shelley's forgettable work

Cut to the chaste

holy crusaders!

Bozos' bosons

whose Universe is this, anyway&;#063;


Are you happy with your life&;#063;

I like

I like some things, I don't like some things

First Love

Love is tough when you're a kid