Don't mock, it may be you one day...

Nell, Fergie and Me

He was surprised to find that behind this feminist there was a real person


Granddad pulled me close And, gurgling and wheezing He said: 'Malcolm, Malcolm, when I die I don't want none of them Poncey funerals. When my time is...

On a Drive

On a Drive A national newspaper reported recently that a man from Tennessee had been caught by the police one day after robbing a bank. The bank...

Return of His Memory

The Return of His Memory Last June, at a wedding where a week's long festivities had been planned, a couple who was there in attendance with us...

Bad Lot

Bad Lot

In the Dark.

A short piece about a vandalised car using sentences with no more than seven words..s


a sad poem

Z is for Revelations

Revelations The Trees, their twisted, arthritic fingers reaching into the pale April sky. 'Looks like rain again' he says. Slowly, deliberately. The...


A poem about understanding what's underneath the surface


A poem about different encounters with people who become special

Deep Trouble

Ariala is forced to give herself up.


a poem of love

Close Shave

Ariala and Ruby are on the run


just read it

A beautiful betrayal

It was an accident, but Ariala liked it!

Bitter Sweet Times

The group are becoming powerful


Are you sure it's the cat&;#063;

Nursery Rinds

What's to come if 'Dietry correctness' hits Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales