Fear Not

You are not alone

A Baby's Angel

Jesus loves the little children

Dance With Me

My longing to only dance with my husband

Bert,s Life

B is for Bert,s Life --------------- We all wonder at one time about fate and if our life is written for us.A friend of mine had a story that made me...

Miss Conception

Those we knew as kids have a habit of growing up...

Anonymously Suicidal

Living is suffering.

Love Ends

Forgetting Love.


Serial Killer on the loose.

Soul Destroyer

Torment Of A Murderer


At sixteen, her navel quivered Beneath inky needle Latex gloved hands Carved expertly into soft Stretch mark free skin Surrounded by the very essence...


REBEL The.swirling eddies of the rocky pool, Perplexed, Uncompromising, Ceaseless. Pure Water's fool? Perhaps. Or prophet in the wilderness that...

Thoughts at Night

Your best thoughts come late in the night!

Word of mouth

Bitching and backbiting in the magazine office

His Most Beautiful Words

His Most Beautiful Words He speaks through my hands with ink flowing from whispers in my mind; like a night breeze carries the gentle song of the...

Beauty Down the Road

I remember Mama


what freedom really costs


honoring the victims of the world trade center attack

Legacy of a Godly Family

How my Mothers passing changed my life


"What do you think?" you ask about the first verse of your latest poem. Um, what can I say? It is like you are holding a lump of clay, in your hand:...

Belong to Me

Be My Love