Old Paths

Old Paths After fifty years, the path was a stranger. The birch, oak and lime trees now looped high overhead, reducing the sunlight of memories to...

Your shambolic past

Your Shambolic Past Dizzy spin top heart tears round and round The core is an image I can't forget My mind focuses with the coolness of igloos...


Sadness I never had a tragedy Just a sadness stirring underneath An organised face, Sorrow simmered quietly Then froze to keep control of My guilty...

Common Sense

It's not common and makes no sense!

My cat Piper

Easy childrens readMy cat PiperMy cat Piper

Extraordinary things

speaking about people


...hi oh...ok umm.. see you later then.. hmm... right.

Forever On My Mind

Thinking of You

Questioning Your Love

When Did We Say Goodbye&;#063;

Please Tell Me Why&;#063;

Needing Reasons...

Opening My Eyes

Facing the Truth

P = chapter sixteen

his new sexy persona had been a miracle to him

Hill bike

Part 2 of 'Iron Bridge'


a n t f a r m ? I remember as a child watching an episode of Macgyver, which featured rampaging killer ants. Marching on some human stronghold...


"I wanna know what love is......."

One day....

just a hopefully humourous drunken tale


Errr.... yeah... love n all that. Don't ask :|


what is soul&;#063;

Love across the miles

Two people wonder what it would be like to have a life where dreams can come true. and of course those two people are me and you... We met by fate...

Old Friend

One of the best