Empty Road

the red dust drifts through the sleeping air the scales of light coil around my thoughts and drag hollow names from the slender ground water cased...

U) and the rain falls

and the rain falls softly on the warm earth that hides my soul while the sun wipes a tear from the face of the child that whispers in my heart as the...

Playlet For Fun &; Free

A Playlet That's Great Fun For Younger Kids To Do

Old Man Pete

Monster of the Neighbourhood

Tears weigh heavy on my heart

Moved by, and a reflection on, global events since 11/9/2001 - written 17/9/2001.


The feelings of betrayal, an ode to the ex :)


Up on the westwood plains. Rains sweep past clouds, behind us the blue sky and my hair drips. Eyes cast to the ground scrutinising each

P: The Pink Towel

A lonely affair

This Old Man

Epiphanies in a relationship

The Dark

The real reason for the evil men do...






WHAT A DAY Jack tucked up in bed snug and warm was trying to go to sleep. He was very tired after such an exciting day, but there was too much noise...

No More Romancing

End of the affair.


Passions of the moment

The Sky Fell Down

Loser In Love

Campfire Days

Happy Hippy Days

Love In Colour

Inspired by a Dulux Colour Chart

L - Stars and Bars

A poem written after tragedy of 9-11-01.