Thinking Back

Reflection Of Years Gone By

My Sandra

Breaking Up With A Partner


The days work of a burglar

Night Of The Fox

A Tale Of The Life Of A Fox

Our hedonistic lad

a tale of today

It makes sense

from my viewpoint

Women's Lament #579

I remember being so ashamed when everyone's legs were nicely shaved Mother said I had to wait until 6th grade But that was such a long time to wait...

Every time my eyes open

One's view on life.

Missing sock

He dropped his socks on the floor Missing the basket by an inch Scrunched balls of cotton Inflaming my senses I threw one in the bin Left it rotting...

Burning Stars

How deep is the river of time&;#063;


One day I looked at my wrists and realised the scars were gone.

When It Rains

I am reminded of us when it rains.


You know me so well.

I Find Myself With You

Thanks for being there.


You heartbreaker, you.

Scissors Cut The Phone Line

A song I wrote after a friend threatened to commit suicide while on the phone with me.

Poison of Choice

Love is my poison of choice.

Led You On

An apology for leading someone on.